Save Ukraine Now serves as a non-partisan coalition to alleviate Ukraine’s humanitarian catastrophe by providing direct aid to the Ukrainian people and serving as a voice to governments, media, NGOs as well as to the general public.


Strategic Alliances to Alleviate Ukraine's Humanitarian Crisis


Save Ukraine Now (SUN) was founded to respond to the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine – an ongoing catastrophe since the onset of winter. The conflict in Donetsk and Luhansk has affected five million people, with 1.2 million internally displaced within Ukraine (IDPs). At least 6,225 people have been killed and 15,511 wounded from mid-April 2014 to April 17, 2015.


As a rapid response team, SUN is bridging the gaps common in large-scale relief efforts in three areas: humanitarian aid, education and communications. Working directly with the Office of President Petro Poroshenko, it is organizing humanitarian assistance to provide essential items including food, medical supplies and winter clothing.


With adequate funding, the project is positioned to step in and immediately save lives. Thanks to a distribution network of 12,000-to-15,000 local congregations, assistance will reach every distressed community in eastern Ukraine, building and expanding on the work of the brave people and organizations already providing assistance.


SUN has created a unique paradigm of cooperation between government, NGOs and religious communities that will save lives now but provides a framework to help Ukraine rebuild and become a prosperous and stable democratic state.


In addition to restoring normality for those whose lives have been devastated by war, education of targeted audiences in key decision-making positions is designed to inform Americans and Western Europeans about what is happening in Ukraine through a variety of approaches including website development, social media and press conferences.


The humanitarian assistance organized by Save Ukraine Now represent the best hope to alleviate the suffering of the region as they are focusing international attention on the plight of Ukraine as only a great symbolic event can. They also provide non-military pushback to the continuing attacks and destabilization Russia is fostering against a proud and independent people.







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Preventing humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine