Save Ukraine Now serves as a non-partisan coalition to alleviate Ukraine’s humanitarian catastrophe by providing direct aid to the Ukrainian people and serving as a voice to governments, media, NGOs as well as to the general public.


Publicity about Ukraine


“A Bleak Future in Eastern Ukraine’s Frozen Zone”....

This media room contains publicity generated for Save Ukraine Now (SUN), all in one location for the convenience of journalists and other interested parties. In addition to learning more about our organization, visitors will find relevant information about Ukraine’s exploding humanitarian crisis. For additional editorial support, or to schedule an interview with President of SUN, please email


Save Ukraine Now is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of Ukraine’s refugees and the suffering residents of eastern Ukraine, and its combination of government agencies, faith organizations and NGOs represents a unique paradigm for humanitarian support both in Europe and around the world.


By telling the stories of individual residents and displaced persons, SUN tries to put a face on their suffering and the real tragedy befalling the region.  We hope you will find this media room useful in tracking the growth of this crisis and our organization’s nimble response in adapting to it.


Save Ukraine Now will gladly organize interviews with its senior staff for deeper insights into the situation in Ukraine, and we will assist any journalist seeking the latest statistics or related background. We have additional print documentation available as well as a grant proposal for foundations and other groups interested in supporting our efforts.


High-resolution graphic support, including images of eastern Ukraine, headshots and maps, is also available upon request.



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Preventing humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine